About Us

"ElYoum ElSabe" is the leading digital portal in the region. ElYoum ElSabe' is published by "The Egyptian Publishing, Journalism and Advertising". The weekly newspaper started off as a daily publication as of 2011.
ElYoum ElSabe' group strictly abides by Media ethics in delivering Objective coverage and transparency in the handled information. We are an independent News Network with no political or religious backgrounds.

Targeting the different Socioeconomic categories, ElYoum ElSabe' content caters to the different needs of the Egyptian reader, creating the largest data base od website visitors, Social Media followers and the most interactive two way communication platform in the region.

ElYoum ElSabe' Digital news network expanded to include all of:

The Cairo Post.com: The first Egyptian English edited newspaper mainly concerned with the Egyptian affairs from an insider point of view.

Video 7: The first news portal in the region which solely depends videos in its news presentation.

Cairo Dar.com: The first Edutainment website in the region; offering both Educational content for the Basic

Education as well as youth targeted entertainment.

Cairo Kora.com: A new concept in featuring the popular Football scene


Business size

500+ employees


Commercial presence